“O Allah”

It’s a way to call out to Allah that is unique only to Allah

When you say Allahumma, it has a great sense of urgency & it’s very powerful


“Most definitely, You are, without a shred of doubt”


“One who lets something go, One who excuses, One who gives you chance after chance, One who gives you opportunity after opportunity. One who disregards, One who forgives everything wrong we have ever done”

Comes from the word “al afwu”, which means to look away, to turn away, to ignore, to let something go

Tuhib al-‘afwa 

“You love letting our sins go. You love overlooking our sins. You love giving us another opportunity, another chance. You love giving us chance after chance.”

Fa’affu ‘anni 

“Based off of the fact that You are the One who wipes away sins, & You love overlooking our mistakes & wiping away sins, I beg you, I plead with you, I ask you, ya Allah, please give me another chance, & wipe me away my sins. Give me another opportunity.”

The Prophet advised us to make this dua over & over again

In this dua, the Prophet mentioned the act of overlooking mistakes & wiping way sins & giving opportunity 3 times in 3 different ways

The eloquence of the Prophet is such that in the 3 times & the 3 different ways, he mentioned the same things 

  • The 1st time about Allah
  • The 2nd time about the act
  • The 3rd time about ourselves

This represents the quantity & the diversity of sins we have committed 

What we’re saying through these words is that O Allah, I’ve made more mistakes than I care to have made. I’ve made dozens, & hundreds, & thousands of different types of mistakes. But on this night, what brings me comfort & solace O Allah is that You can forgive, & You are the One who forgives, so please give me another chance. Give me another opportunity, O Allah



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