​So for the first time ever, that too in the blessed month of Ramadhan and so aptly on Father’s Day, my father and I did a duet on stage :’) it wasn’t perfect. We didn’t practise much but we understood each other and that made up for it.

For restoring my faith time and again with your tenderness. For reminding me that God works wonders but it’s all a matter of time. For being there for me when the world shunned me. I love you Papa. Thank you for loving me. 

Thank you for loving my Mom and showing me what a real man is. A real man doesn’t just stick around when things are easy and his woman is in her best form. A real man stands by her even at her worst and reminds her that she’s beautiful and that she’s irreplaceable. 

You’ve worked so hard everyday of your life. I watch you hustle by day and labour in the course of God by night. Perhaps the world will only see you in a certain way because they’ve not been given the chance to really get to know you. But I’ve lived with you for 23 years and dare I say, you’re the most caring, loving and patient man in my world. 

I’ve seen you when things were going your way and things weren’t. It didn’t change you one bit. You remain consistent in your faith and you pray to Allah to never make you amongst those that are ungrateful since He has blessed you with so many other things. 

You’ve always reminded me of the supremacy of the Quran and to never take it for granted. You’ve always laid my pettiness at rest when I compared myself with girls who are having such a great headstart at life and I’m still finding myself. You’ve created a sense of identity in me rooted in my religion despite me wanting to run as far away from it as possible given that any association to it makes me appear like a freak of nature in the eyes of my less practising friends. 

I’ve said it then I’ve said it now and I’d always say this — You’re a great man. And you’ve done wonders in my life. I pray I’d marry someone as great as you with the amount of hair you have (minus the occasional temperament heh). 

Love you Pops/Papa/Dad/Dadda 💝


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