God is everywhere and He sees and knows everything. He is always with man, although man does not see Him. In association with such an inseparable Companion, man has to take special consideration of Him.

Know that your companion who does not leave you, whether you are living in a place permanently or travelling, whether you are sleeping or awake, and indeed whether you are alive or dead, is He who is your Lord, your Master and your Creator. Whenever you remember Him, He is your companion as He (exalted is He!) said,

“I am the Companion of him who remembers Me”

When your mind is filled with grief over your shortcomings in your religious duties, God is your inseparable companion as God (exalted is He!) said ,

“I am with those whose minds are filled with grief for My sake”

If you knew God truly and perfectly, you should take Him for a Companion and leave people aside. Should you be unable to do this all the time, take care that your day and night are not without a time in which you will be alone with your Master and enjoy the pleasure of your secret converse with Him. At that time you have to follow the rules of companionship with Him (exalted is He!). So you must learn them.

The rules of companionship with God are: keeping silent with the head cast down, ignoring [one’s surroundings], concentration of care and attention on God, continuance of silence, keeping the body’s members at rest, hastening to carry out His commands and avoiding His prohibitions, not complaining against fate, continual remembrance of God and reflection on Him, preference of the awe of Him, brokenness of mind under the sense of shame, quiescence of mind from the worries of earning a livelihood while relying on the guarantee of sustenance given by God, and trust which is good for him.

All these should be your distinctive characteristics in all your days and nights, for they are the rules of companionship with a Companion who does not leave you at all whereas your companions from among people sometimes leave you.

God, i beseech You for Your mercy to guide my mind, to settle my affairs, to order my disorder, to repel temptation, to improve my religious nature, to preserve my secret thoughts, to raise up my visible acts, to purify my actions, to brighten my face, to inspire me to have the right direction, to satisfy all my needs, and to keep me from all evil.

God, i beseech You for pure faith which will fill my mind. I beseech You for truly sure faith so that i may know that nothing will ever befall me expect that which You have written down for me, and I beseech You for satisfaction in that which You have allotted to me. God, i beseech You for true faith, for sure faith, after which no unbelief will enter my mind. I also beseech You for Your mercy by which I may receive the privilege of Your regard in this world and in the Hereafter.

God, I beseech You for patience with that which You have allotted to me, so success at the time of encountering You [on the Day of Judgement], for the high ranks of the martyrs [in Paradise], for the life of those who will be happy [in the Hereafter], for help against enemies, and for the companionship of the prophets in the highest grade of Paradise.

God, i place my needs before You, although my thought is weak and i fall short in my action; I am in dire need of Your mercy. I, therefore, beseech You, O Determiner of all affairs. O healer of human souls, that as You rescue from the midst of the seas, You would rescue me from the punishment of Hell, punishment of the grave, and the punishment for total annihilation [which the dwellers of Hell will do when they being chained will be thrown into a narrow corner of it]

God, Lord of all the worlds, I pray to You and beseech You for that good which you have promised to any man, or for that good which You bestowed upon any of Your creatures, but my mind is too weak to think of it, my action is too imperfect to achieve it and my intention and desire could not reach it.

God, make us those who guide others to the right path and are themselves rightly guided and not those who have themselves erred and led others astray; those who are at war with Your enemies, but at peace with Your friends; those who love men with Your love and are hostile with Your hostility towards those of Your creatures who have disobeyed You. God, this is my prayer, but in You is my trust. ‘Surely we belong to God, and surely we shall return to Him.’ There is no ability or power except with God, the All-high, the All-great.

God, i beseech You to protect me on the Day of Doom and to grant me Paradise on the Day of Eternity, along with the saints and martyrs who bow down and fall prostrate in ritual prayer very often and those who fulfil their covenants with You. Surely You are Ever Merciful, Ever Loving and You do what You will. Glory be to Him Who is characterized by might and holds it! Glory be to Him Who is adorned with glory! Glory be to Him Who alone deserves the perfect glorification! Glory be the Lord of generosity! Glory be to Him Who has encompassed everything with His knowledge.

God, grant me light in my mind, light in my grave, light in my ears, light in my hair, light in my eyes, light in my skin, light in my flesh, light in my blood, light in my bones, light before me, light behind me, light to the right of me, light to the left of me, light above me and light beneath me. God, increase my light and give me the greatest light of all. Through Your mercy, grant me light, O most Merciful of those who show mercy.

Al Ghazali on Islamic Guidance


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